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    Welcome to womenfarmers.org!
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    ...building dreams
    Womenfarmers.org helps women fullfull their
    dream of owning and operating a small farm
    through informative articles, links to resources,
    and an active membership community.
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    ...find financial success 

    Achieving financial success with a small farm can be difficult without help. At womenfarmers.org you will find myriad resources that can provide you with information you need to be successful in your chosen agricultural field...information written by women who have been there.
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    ...inspire future generations

    A small farm is a great way to teach children many of lifes valuable lessions like self sufficiency, respect for the land and the value of hard work. Give your children the gift of a love for farming with advice from womenfarmers.org. Inside you will will find lots of advice on how to get your kids involved in the operation of your small farm and make it both educational and fun.
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    ...build healthy communities

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