Feb 032014

Soft snowflakes are drifting down from the cloudy sky this morning and I am surprised to feel grateful.  Usually when I see snow falling I end up grumbling about the icy streets and the cold winds that make me layer up and feel like the Michelin tire man all round and rollie pollie. And lord knows I don’t need any more rollies or pollies! I’ve got enough rolls without all the layering but that’s a story for another time.

This day I am grateful for the snowflakes falling on my car, after all I do have a car that they can fall on.  Thank you.  I am thankful for the paved streets, although pot holey, but never the less paved, that allows my car to take me swiftly to work. Thank you. 

This day I am grateful that my cows did not have calves in the cold snow but rather look so peaceful next to the barn chewing their cud with pretty soft noses asking for treats. Thank you.

Today I am thankful for fresh eggs from my chickens who wander through the white snow pecking for foliage underneath the cold white stuff. Thank you!

Today I am thankful for my husband who woke up this am and shoveled some snow and warmed my car.  Thank you.

Today I am alive and I breathe and I am typing on my computer and conversing with the likes of you.

Life is good.

Thank you!

Vivian L. Nielsen

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